Legal Era General Counsel Meet 2019

GC Meet 2019 “Leading Experts Meeting for understanding new developments in the Legal Industry"


There is a subtle shift taking place in the part played by in-house counsel from sticking to recognizing risks and supplying legal advice to evolving into a business-partner and enabler of sorts. However, this is not without its fair share of hazards. Hence, the makeover must come with a disclaimer that members of the in-house legal team possess the requisite skills to transform from being sole legal services’ providers to managers of an entire ecosystem of legal services’ providers. It is our belief that such services be strengthened by innovative technology solutions.


Legal Teams of the Future: What need to be done with New Technologies coming in, The Worldwide Changing Legal Landscape, Dealing with Demands of Multiple Regulator, Ethical Conflict & Others. How the General Counsel Should Act & React to such Situations? What Should Be Strategies of a GC While Dealing With Business? Do they think that you are a Super Hero? What Skills GC should have to be a Super Hero?
We see the in-house role changing from being that of risk spotters and general advisors to becoming strategic partners and business enablers. However, this shift in focus comes with risks. An in-house legal team needs to ensure that its members have the necessary skills to manage the transition from being the sole source of legal services to a position where they are managing an eco-system of legal services providers. We believe the Legal Era Community GC Meet will help in-house counsel understand their own demands for external legal services through knowledge sharing & Peer coaching. Legal Era Member network helps In-House Lawyers Learn, Engage, Develop & Grow.
In-house lawyers need to decide what work must be prioritised, what should be insourced and outsourced, and what should be stopped or transferred. Meet the lower-cost providers at the Meeting sessions. Partnering individuals with people who have different skill sets so that learning becomes a two-way process in which both parties benefit.

key discussion area

  • Keynote address on How to Become a ‘Next Generation’ Governance Organization - Balancing Risks and Ethics in an Age of Accountability and Transparency
  • Special address on Governance in the eye of the social media hurricane - How companies and boards need to be agile and prepare for crisis emerging in the new social media world.
  • The To-do List for Resilient Boards of Directors: What Areas Should Be Avoided & How To Deal With A Difficult Board? What CEOs Expect From A GC? How The GC Handle Pressure Situations?
  • Managing Risk & Reputation in a Challenging Environment
  • Litigation Strategies: how to handle large scale disputes.
  • Legal Team Of The Future: Understanding Technology The Evolving Role of an In House Lawyer
  • Gender Diversity: Pay Equity, Equal Pay, Pay Disparity, Gender Pay Gap – Transparency for All
  • Data Privacy Regime: Protecting Data Challenges, How Organisation Are Thriving To Protect Their Data At Various Level? What is New Privacy Regime?
  • Top 3 Challenges faced by General Counsel’s Today? How does GC’s manage and motivate millennials in their teams? The Evolving Role Of An In House Lawyer as a Strategic Advisor & Business Enabler
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